Do you have a Housing Development Programme?

Do you have a Housing
Development Programme?

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As a Registered Provider (RP), your key objective is almost certainly the provision of affordable housing for those in need. Meeting this objective undoubtedly involves you in a host of short-, medium- and long-term planning decisions. Each of which demands detailed assessment and analysis, professional implementation and accurate real-time reporting.

So the last thing you need is a segmented development management system, or one that fails to encompass every business aspect of your organisation.

Like most RPs, until now you have probably been forced to use standalone spreadsheets for day-to-day development management and cash flow analysis. This approach has some significant disadvantages, not the least of which concerns the ‘ownership’ of data at any point in a project’s lifecycle.

Spreadsheets are fine for relatively small-scale, localised tasks, but when different departments or groups of people within an organisation – such as development and finance – need to be able to update and utilise the same set of data, this can easily lead to errors, work duplication and information quality issues. Feeding a database with the outputs from spreadsheets in an attempt to centralise the information merely compounds the problem. There is also the issue of growth – how do you expand a piecemeal IT architecture to cope with increased or diversified business activity?

Recognition of these issues lead A2 Dominion Group – one of the UK’s leading RPs – to form a partnership with BluTek, a specialist software design company renowned for innovative business solutions, to jointly develop a development management system specifically for RPs.

The result is BluBrik – a fully-integrated IT system which uses standard PCs, web-based data servers and modular software modules to provide a highly flexible, cost-effective and scalable solution for property development and management.

BluBrik facilitates complete lifecycle management of multiple and mixed property portfolios, and is ideal for RPs striving for bestpractice management of their investments. The system’s features and benefits include:

Key Features

  • ‘What if’ property mix scenarios and feasibility forecasts
  • Development budgeting and grant application data
  • Return-on-investment calculations over user-defined periods
  • Budget forecasts over several years
  • Monthly comparisons of budget vs actuals
  • Audit trail for monthly transfers of budget surplus/deficits
  • Monthly capitalised interest calculations
  • Money on deposit vs borrowings
  • Seamless integration with your accounts system
  • Month end process, with exception reporting

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