Advanced Treasury Management

Advanced Treasury Management

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BluBrik/TMS is not so complex that your team has to stop work to implement it – nor is it so technical that your IT department has to divert precious resources to install it...

BluBrik/TMS was not designed for large treasury departments executing dozens of complex derivative transactions – it was designed by RPs for RPs...’s that simple.

Every Treasury Director must implement KPIs and must ensure that their systems adhere to their stated Treasury Management Practices governing Risk, Approved Instruments, Reporting Requirements and Management Information.

They must recruit and organise capable staff to ensure that internal control is effective, and that the day-to-day business is efficient – sometimes the old Excel and paper-based methods will militate to divert attention away from the forecasting and planning that is essential.

Simple straightforward IT systems are the solution to this dilemma. BluBrik/TMS is exactly the right system for this purpose. Getting all the static data about your loan portfolio in one place is in itself a great step forward!

BluBrik/TMS enables organizations to:

  • Hold a central database of all static loan data
  • Correctly handle Direct & Onlent type loans
  • Create a workflow which ensures the team adhere to authorisation processes and follow a daily online Task List
  • Update Interest Payments with correct LIBOR
  • Rollover revolving loans
  • View your Cash flow online, showing actual and projected transactions
  • Print reports already formatted for access in Excel including Drawdown Management, Interest Rate Summary, Cash & Borrowings